Monthly Archives: February 2013

A (short) history of my life as a “runner”

I never really considered myself very athletic.  And, actually, to this day I don’t consider myself athletic, but other people do, which I find funny.  It’s akin to my belief that I’m secretly a shy person, it’s just that to combat my shyness, I talk a lot, so it only seems like I’m not shy.  […]

Cookies? Good idea. Pink Cookies? Better.

I like Valentine’s Day.  I don’t consider myself particularly romantic, nor do I feel the need to get all couple-y.  In fact, I don’t think my significant other and I have any plans.*  Yet, what I enjoy about the day cannot be measured in boxes of chocolate or stuffed animals (I actually really have this […]

The Pope, memories, and ……I forget.

I woke up this morning to the news of the Pope resigning (as I’m sure everyone else who uses the radio to wake up did).  This news did not affect me too drastically at 6:30 AM, I don’t usually keep an eye on papal news or even follow him on Twitter.  Yet, I found it […]


This morning while driving to campus, I had a strange realization.  It was still kind of foggy, both my mind and the weather, and I was enjoying a new yerba mate* I bought the other day in hopes that I would wake up enough before the 8 AM class I had to teach.  The radio […]

Why Saved by the Bell continues to be relevant (and is still my favorite show…)

The other day, I found myself watching reruns of Saved by the Bell.  This may sound like it’s a one off, kind of rare activity; but in fact, it is a fairly common occurrence at my house.  I tend to enjoy Slater’s “chauvinist pig” commentary and Zack’s playful antics while doing mindless tasks like washing […]