Cookies? Good idea. Pink Cookies? Better.

I like Valentine’s Day.  I don’t consider myself particularly romantic, nor do I feel the need to get all couple-y.  In fact, I don’t think my significant other and I have any plans.*  Yet, what I enjoy about the day cannot be measured in boxes of chocolate or stuffed animals (I actually really have this thing against stuffed animals. I don’t like them. Never have) .  My favorite part about today: dressing up.  I love dressing to theme.  Last week, when I saw these earrings at the new dollar store, I knew I had to get them!


I tried on three (3!) different outfits this morning in order to achieve the perfect balance of:” Look how professional I am teaching this class” and “How much pink and red can I fit in without going overboard.”  I enjoy walking around town and seeing someone equally as festive.  We usually catch each other’s eye and give a knowing smile, because we both know how excellent it feels to finally get a chance to wear our pink sparkly knee socks or obnoxiously heart-patterned cardigan.

I say I like Valentine’s day, but I absolutely LOVE St. Patrick’s day.  I have an entire arsenal of green clothing.  I think that’s what happens when you come from a town that is named after a town in Ireland.  Growing up, St. Patrick’s day was always the biggest holiday of the year in school, and I guess I have extended that zeal into adulthood (or, I just really like starting the day with green eggs and Irish coffee).

I also love St. Patrick’s day because it is right by two other spectacular, yet often over looked holidays: Pi Day (3/14), and the Ides of March (3/15).  I enjoy celebrating Pi Day, back from when I used to be president of the Math Club during University, and the Ides of March, while not really a “holiday” per se, is just fun because you get to walk around telling people to “beware the ides of March” in an ominous voice.

Yet, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Today is Valentine’s Day, and in preparation, I made some cookies to spread some cheer (along with wearing a perfectly color coordinated outfit for the day).  I saw this recipe a few weeks ago, and immediately thought of my sister, who celebrates her birthday every year with strawberry cake (and in February).  I sent the link to my mom, so that when she went to visit her on her birthday, she could make these cookies (and I also sent the link to my sister, because on the off chance my mom didn’t make them, I knew my sister would like to make them).  As a result, they both made the cookies for her birthday, and had plenty to share.   Who knew you could make cookies with cake batter recipe?  (apparently, many people online).

cookies 1 cookies 2

My substitutions/changes/advice?

-I made a double batch (I wanted to spread a lot of joy)

-I used apple sauce instead of oil

-I used Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips (I’ve been using them in recipes lately, and even though they are more pricy than other chip brands, I find it’s worth it for taste!)

Happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy!

*I did, though, tell Peter that on the off chance he wants to buy me flowers, he should do it Friday, because it would be cheaper….just, you know, if he was thinking of doing that.


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  1. So glad to know that applesauce worked for you! They look wonderful. Thanks for linking back to my recipe 🙂

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