My favorite holiday!

As I mentioned on Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday.  I think I really just like the color green, and I like celebrating things (who doesn’t?).  For the big day we decided to host a delicious St. Patrick’s day breakfast extravaganza.  We even wrote a limerick on the invitation.  And best of all, I found a use for some of my tea containers:


Ok.  That wasn’t actually the “best of all” from SPD, nor was it my best crafting.  It was a last minute addition when I was looking for something in which to put the silverware.

On to the breakfast menu:

  • Wee irish coffee
  • Many, mini Guinness floats
  • Green “gold-coin” cakes on the griddle (say that ten times fast)
  • Shamrock glazed cinnaminis
  • Lucky Charms (they’re magically delicious)
Peter watched this video in preparation for Irish coffee.  The only change we made was that instead of just adding brown sugar, we made a brown sugar simple syrup.  I find that in most of my cocktail making adventures, simple syrup is what makes the biggest difference between a good drink and an excellent one and I like that it’s so…simple…to make.
We went for mini floats because 1) too much Guinness can fill you up, and there were so many other tasty things to eat.  2) when they are small, you can go back for more  (which, yes, is contradictory to  #1).   These are easy to make: pour Guinness, add ice cream.
We had a “small” theme going, and as such, we made the cinnamon rolls accordingly.  I had planned to make the dough from scratch, but giving a final exam on Saturday morning at 8 am (and then grading said final exam) did nothing for my motivation, so I used this excellent semi-homemade method with crescent roll dough.  They turned out really well and I look forward to making them again, but maybe without the slime like frosting (which tasted great, and was perfect for SPD, but perhaps not for other occasions).
We ate the green pancakes too fast to catch a picture, but as dyed green foods go, they looked unnatural and weird, but tasted delicious.    I did remember to catch a pic of the Lucky Charms.  I hadn’t had them in ages, and they were much sweeter than I remembered.
After the fête, the group migrated to the park to play lawn games.  We ate some more green food:
We then realized we were hungry again, and went back into town for some Mexican food (I’m sure St. Patrick would approve).  On the way, we walked by a sight you don’t see everyday:  a friar in full robes carrying a cake.  I’m sure friars and cakes are not mutually exclusive, it was just kind of random.
By the time dinner and the post dinner hanging out had ended, we realized that our breakfast extravaganza had indeed fulfilled its extravaganza status by turning into an entire day.  Until next year Paddy!

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