Ski Trip! (part 1)

We usually go skiing in January for Peter’s birthday.  This year, however, most weekends were busy with wedding prep and school work, so we didn’t get a chance to go.  On top of that, our favorite mountain (June Mountain) was closed this season!

Over the years, we have developed quite a strong bond to June Mountain.  We stayed in the same cabins every year, and always enjoyed making first tracks, never waiting in line, and feeling like it was truly “our” mountain (it was never very crowded, perhaps why it was closed this year).  As we’d drive up on a Friday, we’d scoff at the line of traffic heading off towards the Mammoth exit, and feel somehow more authentic/local/superior meandering our way 20 minutes up the road (sometimes with chains on the wheels) to make it to June Lake.

Our love of June Mountain has developed over the years, but the real reason why we liked it so much?  It was cheaper.  Being in my 23rd year of studentdom, I’ve developed a finely tuned sense of finding student discounts.  June’s season pass for students?  $125.  At some ski resorts, that is the price for one day!  Plus, there were no blackout dates.  You can see how this love affair began.  So, basically, however much cooler we felt choosing June over Mammoth, it was really just a matter of finance (and for some perspective: Mammoth actually owns June, so we were essentially patrons of Mammoth as well).

This year, with our mountain closed, and our weekends full, we waited until this last weekend to go skiing, and had to go to Mammoth (gasp! Oh the horror!).  The result?  I had a great time.  We jokingly called this our “honeymoon” since we haven’t been on one yet, and it’s the first trip we’ve taken as a married couple.  As far as honeymoons go, sharing a 850 sq.ft. studio condo with 5 other people  was actually a lot of fun.  I’ll write more on the skiing in part 2, but want to mention my cooking preparations for the trip.

A few months ago, I used this recipe to make this scrumptious blueberry walkaway.  I had enough for 2 loaves, and instead of the cinnamon swirl the author suggests, I wanted something savory.  So, to the second loaf, I added tomato sauce, pepperoni, and cheese (delicious!) and rolled it like the cinnamon swirl bread.  I think the slight sweetness of the dough only made it taste better.

Blueberry walkaway in back, pizza bread in front.

Blueberry walkaway in back, pizza bread in front.

The problem?  It was kind of messy, especially when I was searching for a “grab and go” kind of snack for the slopes.  My solution?  Make pizza rolls!  Using the same recipe for the dough, I rolled it out, and cut it into small rectangles.  This time, I didn’t add sauce because I didn’t have any on hand (I have to make my own due to a garlic and onion intolerance).  Retrospectively, I should have added sauce.  The rolls were good, but kind of dry.  We ended up heating them in the microwave and dipping them in hummus.

This time, I also had enough for a second loaf.  I had been looking up different bread recipes, and saw this one.  It became my inspiration.  It sounded great, but I didn’t have bacon and I had already made savory pizza rolls.  So, I made this the cinnamon loaf. Essentially, the only thing I took away from the Bacon cheddar loaf (which I plan to make soon) was the shape.  I had the dough from the blueberry walkaway recipe, and just painted with butter and sprinkled on a sugar and cinnamon mix.  I also added nutmeg, cardamom, and walnuts, because those are some of my favorite things.  Then I rolled it and spiraled it in the pie pan to keep shape.  This roll resulted in being drier than I planned as well, and for any future iteration, I’d add cream cheese, or some jam to the mix.

The result: looks good, but kind of dry.

The result: looks good, but kind of dry.

What are your favorite ski snacks?  I think my favorite part of ski trips, besides the playing in the snow part, is the food (clearly).


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