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Ski Trip! (part 1)

We usually go skiing in January for Peter’s birthday.  This year, however, most weekends were busy with wedding prep and school work, so we didn’t get a chance to go.  On top of that, our favorite mountain (June Mountain) was closed this season! Over the years, we have developed quite a strong bond to June […]

My favorite holiday!

As I mentioned on Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday.  I think I really just like the color green, and I like celebrating things (who doesn’t?).  For the big day we decided to host a delicious St. Patrick’s day breakfast extravaganza.  We even wrote a limerick on the invitation.  And best of […]

Cookies? Good idea. Pink Cookies? Better.

I like Valentine’s Day.  I don’t consider myself particularly romantic, nor do I feel the need to get all couple-y.  In fact, I don’t think my significant other and I have any plans.*  Yet, what I enjoy about the day cannot be measured in boxes of chocolate or stuffed animals (I actually really have this […]