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Seven strangers, Picked to live in a house…

It has been established, at least amongst those that know me,  that I watched an excessive amount of T.V. growing up.   I also had a questionable diet, scrounging for quarters in order to support my medium-pizza-a-day-for-myself lunch time habit (the pizza delivery guy and I were on a first name basis).   I grew out of […]

Stealing pets, and other Monday night activities

Last night, I almost stole somebody’s pet cat.  I guess it was actually more of a kitten, or a teenage cat, and it’s not completely my fault (ok, it’s totally my fault). It was dark, and I was out walking to get our mail.  After collecting my mix of magazines, ads, and two letters addressed […]

Small rock slides

I came home one day to fifty goats on the hill behind my house.  It was an exciting day. Let me back up. Last year, in the name of fire safety, we received an email about the possibility of goats being hired to clean up the brush on the hillside behind our condo.  Having experienced […]

Parental Advice

I was in third grade, and for some reason my mom was out of town (visiting a relative maybe? I don’t recall), and my dad was tasked with taking care of my sister and I in her absence.  I imagine it must have been a tough few days, seeing how my mom stayed home with […]

The art of napping

I suppose if someone were to ask me what I was good at, what my true talent is, I’d have to say I’m an excellent napper.  I mean, I have been training since birth, and it’s the one thing in which I am truly confident in my skill.  It must be in my genes, because […]

My favorite holiday!

As I mentioned on Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday.  I think I really just like the color green, and I like celebrating things (who doesn’t?).  For the big day we decided to host a delicious St. Patrick’s day breakfast extravaganza.  We even wrote a limerick on the invitation.  And best of […]

The random things I keep.

I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder (yet), but I do admit to having trouble getting rid of stuff.  My closet is a prime example.  The problem, as I see it, is that there is no problem.  I would get rid of clothes if I didn’t wear them; it’s just that, I tend to wear them […]