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A trip to Lake Tahoe

“You got to do, what you got to do” my friend said, smiling at me as she jumped in.  I, however, stood at the edge, smiling back (nervously), thinking “this is my least favorite part.”  I wavered, at least for 3 solid minutes, before joining her in the ice cold water to swim back to […]

The art of napping

I suppose if someone were to ask me what I was good at, what my true talent is, I’d have to say I’m an excellent napper.  I mean, I have been training since birth, and it’s the one thing in which I am truly confident in my skill.  It must be in my genes, because […]

Ski Trip! (Part 2)

As much as I was determined to stay faithful to June mountain and not have as much fun at Mammoth as I usually have at June (I mean, I still wanted to have fun, I was just going to make sure that it was not equal or greater to the fun at June), I failed.  […]

Ski Trip! (part 1)

We usually go skiing in January for Peter’s birthday.  This year, however, most weekends were busy with wedding prep and school work, so we didn’t get a chance to go.  On top of that, our favorite mountain (June Mountain) was closed this season! Over the years, we have developed quite a strong bond to June […]

A (short) history of my life as a “runner”

I never really considered myself very athletic.  And, actually, to this day I don’t consider myself athletic, but other people do, which I find funny.  It’s akin to my belief that I’m secretly a shy person, it’s just that to combat my shyness, I talk a lot, so it only seems like I’m not shy.  […]