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Seven strangers, Picked to live in a house…

It has been established, at least amongst those that know me,  that I watched an excessive amount of T.V. growing up.   I also had a questionable diet, scrounging for quarters in order to support my medium-pizza-a-day-for-myself lunch time habit (the pizza delivery guy and I were on a first name basis).   I grew out of […]

The 90s (and late 80s)

Normally, I teach class in Spanish.  That might be a strange declarative statement, but it does make sense, considering I am usually teaching Spanish grammar or literature courses.  However, this year, in addition to my normal Spanish courses, I’m teaching a literature course in English.  I am a native English speaker, so one would surmise […]

Why Saved by the Bell continues to be relevant (and is still my favorite show…)

The other day, I found myself watching reruns of Saved by the Bell.  This may sound like it’s a one off, kind of rare activity; but in fact, it is a fairly common occurrence at my house.  I tend to enjoy Slater’s “chauvinist pig” commentary and Zack’s playful antics while doing mindless tasks like washing […]